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why having a pet can be good for your work/life balance
16 Apr 2021
by Eithar

did you know?

That pets can enhance your social life.

Bringing a pet to work can positively improve office morale, absenteeism and create a healthy work-life balance for employees. Many companies are considering the idea of allowing employees to bring their pets to work.

Employees have emphasised that it helps them pass long hours happily and it reminds them to take necessary breaks.

did you also know?

  • That pets have a calming effect on people.
  • They reduce blood pressure.
  • They help lower stress levels.
  • They promote creativity and productivity in the workplace.
  • They improve communication in workplaces.

why do I need pet?

Employers and employees have found that pets at the workplace have made a huge difference in their working lives as they are happier, less stressed, and they feel more comfortable at work.

Pets provide companionship, studies shown owning a pet can help prevent illness and even add years to your lifespan.

Why not take on the techtimeout10 challenge this month to celebrate National Pet Month and spend more time with your pets. You can use them as a reminder to take a break away from technology. Share with us what you are doing to celebrate national pet month.

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(The Benefits of Bringing Pets to Work)