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the techtimeout10 challenge got me playing the bass guitar again!
08 Apr 2021
by neil lloyd

For the last 10 days I’ve taken on the techtimeout10 challenge.

In practice that means that for the past 10 days I’ve put my phone in my techtimeout challenge bag and spent some time doing something that doesn’t involve technology.

Now I’m not new to all this...

About 18 months ago I began my techtimeout journey by turning off all my notifications on both phones!! It causes issues every now and then but on reflection the benefits have far outweighed the drawbacks.
Generally in the past my techtimeout has been spent running or cycling –so much so that during March I set new PBs across various distances but, for these past 10 days I took on a few different activities.

the techtimeout10 challenge...

I started by getting back into reading and learning about Elon Musk and the journey he went through to get Space X and Tesla to where they are today. I’m half way through, but it’s definitely a recommended read as far as I’m concerned.

I decided 3 years ago I’d better learn a musical instrument. I chose bass guitar but for the past 12 months had dropped it in favour of getting fitter. I really enjoyed picking it back up this week and was amazed at how I could still read the tabs and the fingers remembered how to dance across the strings. I’m no way the best but do play a good ‘Pink Panther’

Baking was a disaster…

Lemonade scones that didn’t rise twice. They tasted good, especially with clotted cream and raspberry jam (in that order) plastered on them. I’ll try again during the Easter break.

I tried looking at the moon through my birthday telescope, but it was too cloudy. Not something I’ve ever done before and found it quite frustrating and cold but I’m sure as it warms up and we get some clear skies it will be more enjoyable.

Other activities included crosswords (not got the patience), jigsaw (I have fond memories of a large boat floor puzzle I used to have) but had to settle for Fireman Sam and Pom Pom making.
On that final activity, we’ve all made them right? Anyhow I decided I’d make 3 and show my 4 year old how I could juggle. I made 1 and gave up. I’d forgotten how long they took to make and how much wool you needed. Still the cat is happy.

So there you have it, techtimeout10 challenge completed. Can honestly say I enjoyed every activity. Most enjoyable, if I had to pick was playing the bass guitar again.

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techtimeout10 challenge bag