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the power of sharing positivity on social media
04 Feb 2021
by Sam

if you’re over 40 you’ll understand when I say - “thank goodness covid happened in 2020!”

Without the huge technological advancement we’ve seen in the last 30 years this pandemic would be utterly unbearable.

Thanks to Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and others we have avoided near isolation in not one but now two lengthy lockdown periods.

Communities have used Facebook to galvanise Street Champions to check on vulnerable people, neighbours have helped less tech-savvy neighbours connect to their families over Zoom and those pushed to work at home have found invaluable support via virtual communities and networks.

to say that social media has been a lifeline to many people in 2020 is no exaggeration.

Positivity is a key component to a great experience on social media and one that we need to be mindful of every time we click, share, upload and follow. Research shows that 1 happy post will inspire 1.75 more happy posts – that’s an R-number that needs to be shared!

Use your social media channels to reach out to your friends and family and share positive personal stories and photos. A strong social network is associated with good mental health and well-being, just as it would be in the real world. The isolation we’ve all felt in 2020 can be partially alleviated through skilful use of social media.


“try to be aware, conscious and purposeful when you interact with social media.”


stop lurking and engage

Mindless scrolling on Instagram or Facebook can start to feel very isolating. Just like in the real world, life is more fun when you join in. Start to increase how often you engage with your chosen content. A simple ‘Congratulations’ or a ‘like’ can help you feel more connected and build deeper relationships with the group. Go further and share your stories and experiences.

Active, positive engagement eases stress, anxiety and boosts your mood which are all vital during a global pandemic.

practice better boundary management to avoid negativity

Boundaries are your responsibility on social media.  Be intentional about who and what you allow in your personal space. You decide what’s allowed and what isn’t. Immediately unfollow any account or person that makes you feel uncomfortable. In contrast, follow accounts and people that inspire or add value to your life.

Finally, become familiar with the ‘settings’ function on all of your social networks and review them frequently. A good tip is to schedule a ‘clean up hour’ on the first Sunday of every month.

here are some examples of places to find positive news...

... we would love you to send us a message if you know any others too!

there's a time to switch off and there's a time to switch it up...

We recognise that whilst there’s a time to switch off there’s also a time to switch it up. At techtimeout we know that technology and social media is neither wholly bad nor wholly good but largely depends on how it is being used by the individual.

Taking time out to reflect on how you use it is vital to maintain a positive relationship that supports you in the real world.

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