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the power of reputable awards and accreditations
09 Feb 2022

could an award give you the edge over your competition in the war for talent?

the power of winning an award

As head of marketing for several businesses, I know that start-up’s and small businesses are always on the lookout for cost effective marketing ideas. Awards and accreditations have always been a cost-effective way to generate PR opportunities, make your business stand out and they can add credibility to new or growing brands. 

Here at techtimeout, we work very hard to make sure that we are the best that we can be. We are proud of our achievements but winning an award is an invaluable endorsement that raises your profile; so that when you say you’re the best you can prove that you really are!

Whether you’re a winner, runner-up or a finalist, the third-party recognition you receive is invaluable. Stakeholders, prospective investors, customers, both existing and new, will all identify the award or accreditation with excellence and success in your specific field. But, there is another key target audience that you can reach out to with your award - namely, new staff members.

attracting new recruits with your awards and accreditations

Our founder Stephanie Henson was recently awarded “The Great British Entrepreneur Awards: Workplace Wellbeing Champion 2021”. It’s an award we're particularly proud of as it shows we’re practicing what we preach and building a workplace that truly values the wellbeing of the team.  

Awards or accreditations that are linked to wellbeing or employee engagement can give your business the edge over other companies in recruiting the best talent. 

According to the January 22 report by the Office for National Statistics’ , the current ratio of 4:1 vacancies to 100 employee jobs is the highest on record. The number of job vacancies has now risen to a new record of 1,247,000 and with it very real concern as to how businesses, especially start-ups and small businesses, can attract new staff and retain existing members.

how to win an award

The good news is that entering awards is often free or at least cheaper than many marketing activities and that there are a plethora of awards. The bad news is that they do take time and energy. Many require case study testimonials and quantitative data to evidence your successes. However, once you have collated your information it can often be reused, with careful tweaking, for multiple entries.

how to achieve an accreditation

Similar to awards, there are a range of accreditations. What’s important is finding an accreditation that adds value to your business. It might be that you look for accreditations relevant to your industry or choose an accreditation that can support growth and recruitment. 

tips to entering awards or achieving accreditation:

  1. Do your research. Only enter awards that you can win and want to win. Use this list to get started. When looking at accreditations, choose an accreditation that will aid your recruitment or sales activity. 
  2. Draft and edit your submission several times. Try to evidence your claims.
  3. Promote all achievements - whether you are a winner, runner-up or a finalist.
  4. Use any information generated by the organisers of the award or accreditation, such as finalist contact details or other accredited businesses, to reach out to potential customers and build your brand. 

how to promote your award when you win

When the in-house celebrations of an award win have quietened down you then need to promote your recognition wherever you can - this includes social media, local news outlets and your website.  A logo placed on all of your recruitment material will demonstrate to the potential new recruit that your business is an industry leader and will hopefully make them want to join the award-winning team.

That just leaves me to wish you the very best of luck. We will keep you posted of any more techtimeout award wins!

Are you interested in an accreditation that shows you support the mental, physical and emotional wellbeing of your teams?

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