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the greater good impact of techtimeout
24 May 2021
by Natalie

“Technology is a useful servant but a dangerous master.”-

Christian Lous Lange

Technology is classed as a necessity of people’s day to day routine especially since the outbreak of Covid-19. Technology supports employment, connection with family and friends from near and far and it provides convenience such as ease of access to information and innovation in many fields. On the other hand, technology is also seen to become a disadvantage on our lives and our society. This is because of the social disconnect, loneliness, addiction and effects on our mental health as well as our physical health.

techtimeout tricks and tips

In general, I enjoyed the challenge of trying to reduce my screen time, as I am always conscious of not spending enough time connecting within the real world around me and wanting to use my time wisely.

My top tips and tricks when trying to reduce my screen time would be to ensure your phone is out of sight - I used the techtimeout pouch - which discouraged me from being distracted when wanting to concentrate on my university work.

I also discovered that turning my phone to silent and placing it under my pillow was an effective trick for taking a techtimeout.

Running, walking, and reading to keep my mind busy and concentrated at all times kept me from using my phone.

the benefits of reducing our screentime

Taking a screen break and disconnecting from technology, rather than being glued to our screens, will help us prioritise making time for ourselves. This is seen to be of critical importance to us because it allows us to gain closer relationships, improve our sleeping pattern, improve focus and allow us to enjoy one of life’s simplest pleasures - to get outside and enjoy nature.  

I've been more mindful of my screen time since the outbreak of Covid so I have relatively low screen time anyway. Throughout our team challenge of lowering our screen time I managed to keep my screen time the same which I’m pleased about.

I would highly recommend challenging yourself to take a techtimeout...

be in control of your technology, do not let technology control you!

Now it is your turn to take a techtimeout… I challenge you to take on the techtimeout10 challenge!