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The Body Coach, Joe Wicks takes a techtimeout
25 Nov 2021

Social Media fitness star Joe Wicks expressed his support of taking time off his tech (a techtimeout) recently after taking a full 7 days off his phone!

here is what he had to say:

“Me and Rosie took seven days off our phones. We turned them off, left them in the safe, so no social media, no news, no photos of the kids. We literally just connected with them and it’s been amazing and I know it’s not realistic to do that all the time and spend like a whole week off your phones but it’s amazing just winning some of those hours back.

"Every single day that went past I got a little bit lighter and a little bit less stressed and just calmer and with the kids that I can see how happy they are like just to have all of my attention.

"I’m not distracted, I’m not like looking beyond the device to catch their eye. They’re just, I’m there with them and I’m so passionate about sharing that because I live my life on social media and I’ve been absorbed in it since 2012 but to step back, and I know you can’t turn your phone off for a week but having a couple of hours in the evening just say no phones or don’t have it on the weekend for one day like it can change your life.

"It can change how you feel and you can connect on such a deeper level like I’m actually the happiest I’ve ever been cos I’ve been off my phone for seven days and you know I’m back obviously and it’s ironic cos I’m gonna be on here every day now so.

"But I’m gonna just have boundaries. A few hours a day, not all day every day and just try and have a healthy relationship cos my relationship with my phone is not good. It’s good for the people I connect with but for me personally and for Rose and the kids, it’s detrimental, it’s damaging. So this has really made me realise how important it is to step back and get off the phone just for a few hours a day.”

- Joe Wicks

You don’t need to take seven full days off your phone (that’s pretty extreme Joe!) but if Joe has inspired you to step away from your smartphone and see how it's impacting your life then we can help. 

The techtimeout10 challenge is a great way to experience the benefits of disconnecting from your devices without going completely cold turkey. Get involved!