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The Annual Digital Wellbeing Awareness Day is Back for 2023!
07 Aug 2023

On November 28th, 2023, we are once again challenging the people of the UK to take a break from their technology and participate in the popular digital wellbeing day, techtimeout tuesday.

This annual event, organised by the techtimeout team, aims to inspire individuals to find a healthy balance between their time on and off technology while raising awareness about the negative impact of excessive screen time. This year we’ve partnered up with Mental Health First Aid England to make this year’s event the biggest and most impactful yet!


Understanding digital wellbeing

Digital wellbeing refers to the overall impact that technology has on our mental, physical, and emotional health. It's about using technology as a supportive tool that enhances our wellbeing, rather than a source of distraction or stress. Finding this balance is essential in today's digitally connected world.


The importance of techtimeout tuesday

While technology has undoubtedly opened up countless opportunities and improved connectivity, it's crucial to question whether we can have too much of a good thing. The increasing reliance on digital devices at home and in the workplace has led to a concerning rise in daily screen time.

Research highlights the potential negative effects of constant connectivity to smartphones, computers, and televisions, including feelings of overwhelm, stress, and anxiety. Additionally, spending the majority of our time online may reduce the time available for health-benefiting activities like sleep, physical movement, outdoor experiences, and meaningful connections with others.

By taking part in techtimeout tuesday, we encourage individuals and workplaces to take a step back from screens and engage in offline activities. The event serves as a reminder to prioritise our overall wellbeing by striking a balance between technology use and real-life experiences.


Joining techtimeout tuesday

Participating in techtimeout tuesday is straightforward. Workplaces can sign up to take part and promote healthy technology use while initiating conversations about digital wellbeing among their employees. 

Last year saw some organisations host coffee mornings and team lunches. Other organisations encouraged their employees to take a break outside of their working day. We’ve collated some popular ideas in our free resource pack but ultimately it’s up to you as a workplace to decide what best suits you. 

To receive the free resource pack, you can fill in the simple form below to express your interest. The pack contains all you need to get started including social media graphics, email templates, and posters to support your participation.

Let's work together and make healthy technology use the norm.

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