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techtimeout tuesday is back!
23 Sep 2021
by Sam

The popular techtimeout tuesday campaign is back on Tuesday 30th November! Last year was a great success, and we can’t wait to go bigger and better this year.

Lots of people struggle with technology addiction, it’s a common issue that isn’t talked about enough. From a stiff neck to mental health side effects, too much time on screens can cause plenty of issues. 

We love technology, we think it’s amazing, but too much of one thing has always been bad for us! 

If you feel you are spending too much time on your tech, then you are in the right place!

‘what is techtimeout tuesday?’ i hear you ask.

Let us explain it to you. Our aim with techtimeout tuesday is to get as many people talking about the benefits of a healthy relationship with your screens. It’s the perfect time to detox after Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Screen time drastically increases during this period of the year, and we’re here to help! 

The magical thing about techtimeout tuesday is that it can really help you realise just how beneficial stepping away from technology for even just a short amount of time each day can bring you. Don’t believe us?

hear what others had to say about techtimeout tuesday!

Henry Carpenter from Birmingham Biz said:

‘Cutting ties from tech is going to produce so many benefits. #techtimeoutuesday was a brilliant initiative’

... and we couldn't agree more! 

Peter Noyce from Menzies Accountants said:

‘The techtimeout initiative provided the necessary prompt for us all to step away from tech’

...which really hits the nail on the head of what we are trying to do. 

Our aim is to raise awareness of the impact that technology can have and provide the tools to help people find a healthy balance between their time online and offline.

Last year we had over 350 different businesses get involved with over 50,000 minutes being pledged! But this year is going to be even bigger!

like what you have read?

Then pledge your techtimeout time and join thousands of people this Tuesday November 30th in taking part in techtimeout tuesday, we promise you will not regret it! 

You can sign up here and find out more!