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techtimeout tuesday is back for 2022
16 Oct 2022

the annual digital wellbeing awareness day techtimeout tuesday is back.

On the 29th November 2022, we are challenging the people of the UK to take a break from their technology. 

The techtimeout team hope the challenge will inspire people to find balance with their time on and off technology, while thinking about the negative impact of spending too much time looking at their screens.

what is digital wellbeing?

Digital wellbeing is the impact that technology has on mental, physical and emotional health. We’re promoting the benefits of finding balance, so that you feel technology is supporting and enhancing your wellbeing.

why is techtimeout tuesday important? 

Technology opens up opportunities and keeps us connected, but can you have too much of a good thing? Our dependency on digital devices at home and at work has resulted in an ever-increasing daily screen time. 

Research tells us that constant connection to smartphones, computers and television can impact mental, physical and emotional health by increasing feelings of overwhelm, stress and anxiety (Nakshine V S, Thute P, Khatib M, et al. (October 08, 2022). 

Spending the majority of our time online can also impact the time we have available for health-benefiting activities like: sleep, physical movement, time outdoors and time spent connecting with people. 

This is why we’re encouraging workplaces to sign up to techtimeout tuesday and encourage employees to take a short break away from screens during their day.

who is taking part in this year’s techtimeout tuesday?

We’re pleased that businesses from a wide range of industries have signed up so far. Many of these businesses also took part in 2020 and 2021. 

We recently spoke to Simon Blake OBE Chief Executive of leading social enterprise, Mental Health First Aid England about why he’s taking part:

“With so many of us spending so much time at work and in our personal time using technology, it is important for us all to consider the impact excessive screen-time has on our wellbeing at work, and within society at large. 

I know that spending time with people and animals we love, doing exercise or hobbies we enjoy and being out in nature is good for our mental health and wellbeing. 

At MHFA England we will be taking part in ‘techtimeout Tuesday’ on 29th November 2022, and I encourage you to get involved too.”

We hope that inspires you to join us and take part. 

how do you sign up your workplace to take part in techtimeout tuesday?

Sign up to take part and promote the benefits of healthy technology use and start conversations about digital wellbeing in your workplace. 

We’ve created a free resource pack to help you get involved. All you need to do is fill in the form on this page and it will be emailed over to you.

You will also receive social media graphics, email templates and posters to promote your participation. 

Let's work together and make healthy technology use the norm. 

Nakshine V S, Thute P, Khatib M, et al. (October 08, 2022) Increased Screen Time as a Cause of Declining Physical, Psychological Health, and Sleep Patterns: A Literary Review. Cureus 14(10): e30051. doi:10.7759/cureus.30051