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techtimeout talk to... a home-worker
03 Feb 2022

We spoke to Jenny Osborne, Senior Commercial Account Executive at Henshalls Insurance Brokers, about her relationship with techtimeout. 

why did you start with techtimeout tuesday in 2020?

“I began to integrate 'techtimeout tuesday' into my working week to establish a better home-working balance. I’ve worked from home since 2015 and although I’ve got a separate room that is a dedicated office space I still find that I spend too much time sat at my desk. It’s too easy to be at work. It’s too easy to respond to those emails because I know I’ve got access 24/7. 

I became increasingly conscious that I wasn't moving away from my desk for very long periods of time, especially not taking a lunch hour. When I heard about techtimeout I knew that this was a way to start addressing the problem. It sounds crazy but it’s almost like I needed to schedule time to be away from my desk. Scheduling a techtimeout encourages me to step away from the desk, put my phone away and look after my health and wellbeing.

Nowadays, taking a bike ride or going for a walk at lunch time has become part of my working day and I’m finding it really beneficial. I love cycling at lunch time because I live really close to the river and it takes me 2 minutes to cycle into the main quarry so that’s just a beautiful cycle ride whether it's cold or warm. Being alongside the river and just being at one with nature really is refreshing. 

Sometimes, I need more encouragement so I also signed up for two activity classes which obviously means I have to put my phone away for at least another couple of hours! 

I started ballroom dancing with a friend which is really good fun, as well as a good form of fitness. Also, I do yoga once a week which helps me unwind and let go of the stresses. 

how did 'techtimeout tuesday' make a difference?

“Taking a techtimeout and scheduling them into my week enables me to step back, disconnect from work and think of myself rather than just being addicted to work, addicted to that computer screen and addicted to that phone. It’s forced me to do the things I should’ve been doing, which is looking after number 1!”

have you done the techtimeout10 Challenge?

I also participated in the techtimeout10 Challenge. I made a list of different activities that I could do for up to an hour to make sure I had reasons to turn away from the screen. I’m quite creative outside of work so I do a lot of upcycling and crafty projects, such as making wire angels. I also baked and tried out some new recipes that I’d always been meaning to try.

What I like about integrating techtimeout is that it forces you to consciously reassess your work-life balance. It’s so easy to slip into bad habits around excessive working. Having techtimeout sat on your shoulder, forces you to do these things, even though we all know it shouldn’t be this way. It’s definitely helped me build a better home-working balance.

We're very grateful that Jenny has shared her experience of 'techtimeout tuesday' and the techtimeout10 challenge. Thank you Jenny for all of the activity ideas and for showing us how you use techtimeout as a cue to build a better home-working balance. 

do you want to get involved?

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