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techtimeout talk to... a business owner
04 Feb 2022

We spoke to Chris Howey, Managing Director at Tantec UK, about his relationship with techtimeout. 

Why did you start with techtimeout tuesday in 2020?

“2020 was very hard for people. Personally, I struggled with not being able to go out and have the range of options that I was used to. This resulted in spending more time at work; so not only was I sitting at a screen more for my business but I was also playing computer games on the weekend. My screen time exploded. It came to a point where I had to actively say no and look for alternatives. Fortunately, I heard about techtimeout Tuesday and the support provided by the techtimeout team.”

How did techtimeout tuesday make a difference?

“As soon as I began talking about my increased screen time to my team, there was a unanimous consensus in the office that we all needed to disconnect a little bit. We started with simple things. For example, we bought a few frisbees and things like that. Our offices are opposite a park so we now make a conscious effort to go out during lunchtimes and not just eat at our desks. 

Occasionally, we take a team lunch break and we’ll eat at a pub or a garden centre. It provides an opportunity to get away from the screen again and we all appreciate the renewed energy that we have when we get back to the office. It's been very beneficial to our mental health and our own capacity to work. 

The techtimeout initiative made me examine my relationship with technology. With the support provided by techtimeout, I was able to take a step back to say hang on, this is not necessarily how I should be working and certainly not the example I should be setting for my team. It’s very important that every business owner takes the time to reflect in this way. In the future, screens and technology will play an even bigger role and we need to ensure this works for us and our teams.”

Thank you Chris! It’s great to hear how you and your team engaged with techtimeout tuesday. 

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