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take the techtimeout10 challenge
21 Dec 2020
by Steph

techtimeout10 - we challenge you

It's time to test how dependant you are on technology and restore the balance between your time on and off technology.

what is the techtimeout10 challenge?

1) Pick a length of time.

2) Pick a tech-free activity

3) Pop your phone into your techtimeout bag for the amount of time you've set.

4) Repeat for 10 days.

You'll be amazed at how separating yourself from your tech, even for short bursts of time, can positively impact your mindset. You may feel a little hesitant or nervous at first, but don't worry after 10 days you'll be a techtimeout pro! Can you make it through?

Share with us what you get up to using #tto10 #techtimeout10

what should i do with my phone during the techtimeout10 time?

This is the official techtimeout10 challenge bag that comes with the official challenge card. You can use this handy zip bag to hide your devices away to support your challenge.

techtimeout10 challenge bags

Alternatively, you can put your technology away in a draw, or a sock (preferably in a clean one!) It needs to be somewhere out of sight and reach.

what should i do with my techtimeout10 time?

Putting your tech down can feel a bit daunting initially so we've pulled together some ideas on what you can do with your time.

  • pick up a book that you haven't read
  • go for a walk
  • exercise
  • clean your car
  • re-organise your purse or wallet
  • play a board game
  • do a jigsaw
  • play a card game (you're allowed to google the rules beforehand!)
  • write a hand written letter to a friend or family member
  • write a short story

what others have to say about techtimeout10?

Birmingham St Marys Hospice

"It’s very easy for the act of making time away from the screen to slip down the priority list, so the techtimeout campaign came at a great time in a year where the divide between work and home life has got increasingly blurry. It was great to intentionally get out for a walk at lunchtime and leave my phone at home, and I noticed how much more recharged I felt for the rest of the day. This is definitely something that I would like to keep up!" 

- Helen Rawnsey – Birmingham St Marys Hospice


“Working from home can be all tech consuming, with having no colleagues to chat to in the break out area I feel I have been taking my phone to my kitchen to tweet, or send a quick message.

techtimeout enabled me to be more disciplined and encouraged me to step away from everything tech-related. I felt more refreshed for having a break. A really good self-care tool I will be applying to my working day!” 

- Kerry Mitchell, Wellbeing Manager – Paycare