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struggling to put down your phone? Create a techtimeout Box!
02 Nov 2020
by Shelley

Do you feel your relationship with your phone is getting out of control?

Then you’re not alone.

The average person in the UK spends 3 hours 23 minutes on their phone per day. This increases to 4 hours per day for 16-24 year olds.

Picking up our phone and mindlessly scrolling is a habit we do without even thinking nowadays, but constant mobile phone use can affect focus, productivity, relationships, and wellbeing. That’s why many of us may need a little help managing our mindless mobile use to take away the temptation.

But truly taking a break from your phone can be harder than it seems. That’s why we’re launching our revolutionary new concept - techtimeout boxes!

A techtimeout box is a great tool to help you to take a break from your mobile phone. A techtimeout box enables you to lock up your phone or move it out of reach, ultimately removing the temptation to pick it up without a real purpose.

It’s also a great way for families and friends to challenge each other, and manage the use of mobile phones in social situations. If you’re about to sit down for a family dinner, or your friends are coming round for a games night, everyone can give up their phone or device to be locked away in your techtimeout box for an hour or two.

Believe it or not, most people really enjoy the freedom of giving up their phones!

But, how exactly do you create a techtimeout box?

Well, we’re glad you asked…

how to create your own techtimeout box

The UK is in another lockdown, so it’s a great time to rediscover your craftier side and make your own a techtimeout box.

1. find/build your box

A techtimeout box can be made of anything – a shoe box, an old jewellery box, Tupperware…or if you’re particularly handy with a hammer and nails, you can build it from scratch yourself!

Here’s the fun part. Once you’ve identified or built the perfect box, you can decorate it and make it stand out. Decorating your techtimeout box is a fun activity to do with the kids, or to release your craftier side.

You can also make it official by adding an official techtimeout sticker, available from techtimeout.

2. to Lock or not to lock?

If you or your family find it difficult to resist temptation, you may want to add a padlock so that it’s more difficult to get to the devices inside.

3. we’re gonna need a bigger box

Remember, the box doesn’t just have to be for phones – if you need to take a break from your tablet or laptop, you can build a bigger one.

4. turn off notifications

A true techtimeout box won’t work if your phone is constantly buzzing or beeping whilst it’s tucked away in its temporary new home, so before you put your device into the box, make sure you turn off all non-essential notifications such as social media or WhatsApp. You might want to keep your ringer on in case you need to take an urgent call.

5. add a timer

If you’re techtimeouting with kids or teenagers, it’s a good idea to agree a set time for their phones to be locked away. So, before you put your phone into the box, you could set your phone alarm that will officially signal the end of the techtimeout.

6. enjoy the freedom!

Now your phone is snuggled up, you can enjoy your new phone free time. Enjoy it!

share your techtimeout boxes with us

We’d love to see your techtimeout boxes, so please do share your pictures of your finished box with us – don't forget to include the reactions from your friends and family, when they're asked to give up their phones!