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Screen-time Sunday Challenge
28 Jun 2021
by Lauren

As a marketing intern (and full-time marketing student), I spend pretty much all of my time staring at a screen. My phone screen, my laptop screen, my camera screen, the TV screen – you get the picture. So I took part in our techtimeout challenge to reduce my screen time to help improve my wellbeing as I started to feel the burnout from my bad habits.

Although on one hand technology has helped me become way more productive in my studies, allowing me to communicate and collaborate with my team members and university peers in real-time. I can't ignore the fact that I become very easily distracted by it too. We have all fallen down the Instagram rabbit hole before. It’s easy to find myself still mindlessly scrolling hours later.

what a waste of time!

I was devoting an average of 7 hours a day to screen-time. Obviously, that was a huge disruption to my productivity as I was always making myself available.

With the help from the techtimeout team I soon realised that this needed to change. I began tracking my screen-time via the screen time function in the settings app on my iPhone. I used this information to set myself manageable limits. For example, I found out I was spending a lot of time on Instagram. I set myself daily limits to combat burnout and fatigue.   

Here are some of the great benefits I found from simply reducing my screen time and leaving my phone behind: 

  1. Reduced feelings of stress, anxiety, anger, and frustration. These are common feelings that can be exasperated by too much time on screens.

  2. Increased interest in activities that don’t involve screens. It’s great to free up time for activities that you don’t normally have time for.

A great tip I found from this challenge was sometimes it was the small changes I was making, for example, I set up an old-fashioned (audio!) phone call instead of a zoom/video call with one of my team members. I know video calls can be very helpful but it was refreshing to concentrate on what my colleagues were saying, rather than trying to figure out where to focus my eyes on a busy, lagging screen.

Our Screen-time Sunday challenge has helped me find my way out of the virtual world and into the freedom of real life.

Are you ready? Take a break now - it may be the best decision you ever make! Take on our techtimeout10 challenge today to start seeing real benefits. If you're struggling through the challenge our team will be there to help you.