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our partnership with Make it Wild for a greener world
30 Sep 2021

We are delighted to announce an exciting partnership with Make it Wild to offset our carbon emissions. At techtimeout we already have a number of commitments in place to minimise our carbon footprint. These include minimal road travel and applying the 3 R’s - reduce, reuse and recycle across all our business activities. However, no matter how sustainably we run techtimeout there will always be some emissions that are simply unavoidable with a tech based business and this is why we turned to Make it Wild, which is passionate about helping people to understand and enjoy the natural world.

growing a cleaner, greener country

At techtimeout we help people to develop healthier relationships with their tech devices and often suggest that people participate in outdoor activities in order to spend time away from screens. Dog walking, running and hiking are common techtimeout activities and therefore Make it Wild’s forestry project was a perfect fit for us. So far we've offset 20 tones of Co2 through tree planting. Planted in the Spring of 2021, our trees are located at Bank Woods, Summerbridge and contribute to a large protected nature reserve that aims to feature 100,000 trees over the next decade. Walkers are most welcome at this site of Importance for Nature Conservation so if you’re looking for a techtimeout activity put on your boots!

We are phasing out our eco-friendly products now. We are focussing more on the tree-related side of the business, and will be developing our offerings to enhance nature connection and appreciation of the environment.

why is carbon offsetting important?

Carbon offsetting, through tree planting and other projects, is important because it helps to reduce the carbon emissions that exist in the atmosphere. Planting trees is an excellent way to help reduce carbon dioxide because they absorb the carbon emissions in the atmosphere. This means that companies can cover their carbon footprint and lessen their impact on our planet.

a brief history of Make it Wild

In 2011 by Helen and Christopher Neave from a growing concern for the impact of climate change on nature. They planted 20,000 trees as a family project.

It was the success of that young woodland which convinced them that this was a fantastic way to support biodiversity, so in 2018 they set up Make it Wild.