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Our May ‘22 Highlights
22 Jun 2022
by Max Wilkins

Here at techtimeout, there are all kinds of things going on behind the scenes – things that most people won’t know about at all! But this month, we decided to try going around our ‘virtual office,’ pestering everyone about the work they’re doing and what sorts of things they get up to in their spare time.

At the start of the month, we were really excited to be shortlisted for Best New Business by the Shropshire Chamber Business Awards. We will find out the results at the start of next month and are keeping our fingers and toes crossed for good news. 

On the whole, our diaries are always full of meetings; including organising webinars, meetings with universities, brand ambassadors and more. We can’t be more specific about the people and places we’ve spoken to, but it’s definitely exciting!

In our internal marketing meetings, we’re always putting our heads together for this year’s techtimeout Tuesday, which falls on 29th November (remember the date!). We’re hoping to make it bigger and better than ever, coordinating all sorts of video content, partnerships, and activities to make it fun for everyone involved!

Our research team has been diligently recording and compiling data seemingly non-stop this whole time. They also work on keeping our conversations going on LinkedIn, discussing the best ways to balance working and time away. It’s always nice to see people talking about how they keep themselves busy at work, but completely separated when they come away. 

Over in the marketing team (myself included), we celebrated national baking day (17th May) by working on our baking skills as part of content creation. We’ve also been doing more ‘ordinary,’ content too – promoting regular breaks, flexible working, and what to do if you find yourself stuck for ideas besides using technology. Whilst Jordan, our brilliant Social Media Manager,  has been away on holiday, Bev has taken over as content manager and Deeanna worked on her own team takeover to showcase everything she does working for techtimeout. Dan has tried his hand at content creation and making graphics in Canva, and doing a great job!

We always like to push boundaries, and that includes where we find ourselves working from! Steph has been working from Madeira for a couple of weeks; whilst Sam has relocated to Romania to assist a beekeeper in their business. I took a trip with some friends to Ambleside recently; and whilst I didn’t take my laptop, I made some notes about the projects I was working on, including some blog writing! Most of the team are based in Shropshire and Cheshire, or somewhere in between – but that doesn’t stop us from exploring our own towns and cities, and finding wonderful hideaways to work from.

Outside of working, Neil took a trip to Boston, U.S.A. for the marathon, running it in a very impressive time before coming back and running the Birmingham half-marathon in half the time! 

Meanwhile, Aderyn has been very eagerly planning her dream holiday to Benidorm! I’m sure she’ll take her laptop along too, and work from the poolside… 

On a personal note  I turned 24 in May! Obviously I need to slow down and take more care of myself, as I start to feel my 30s on the horizon…

We said some heartfelt farewells to several team members recently – Joe, Khadija, Cerith, Kara, and Jack! We miss them all so much, and wish them well on all of their future endeavours. We’d take you back in a heartbeat! But who knows what next month will bring for us, and them. 

Check back next month for more highlights from myself and the team. Thank you so much for reading, see you next time!

– Max