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new employee wellness partnership for techtimeout
23 Jun 2021
by Eithar

what is the wellness hub?

The Wellness Hub is designed to empower businesses to support employees in the workplace by tackling wellbeing issues and help create a healthy workplace. The portal provides guidance and support to employees by teaching them methods and techniques to care for their wellbeing at work.

Guidance will cover a spectrum of areas (such as nutrition, intuitive listening, habit change), which is tailored to suit the individual’s needs. Moreover, the content is provided by accredited health coaches and experts.

Here at techtimeout, we are very excited about our new joint journey with The Wellness Hub.

a start to a new journey

We’ll be publishing regular content to help employees create and sustain healthier habits when it comes to their screens. This in turn supports mental health and wellbeing as well as benefiting productivity levels.

Each member of The Wellness Hub will also receive a techtimeout bag to take on the techtimeout 10 challenge.

what is the techtimeout10 challenge?

The techtimeout10 challenge is designed to raise awareness of the dependency we have on technology and the benefits that can be had from truly disconnecting.

  • Pick a length of time.

  • Pick a tech-free activity!

  • Place your smartphone into a techtimeout bag.

  • Repeat for the next 10 days.

Visit The Wellness Hub to find out more about the platform or find out more about the techtimeout 10 challenge here.