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my placement helped me to get my dream job!
05 Jul 2021
by Lauren

what got you interested in doing a placement?

I have always wanted to do a placement as I believe that skills and experience are as essential as knowledge. I knew that the employment market was very competitive therefore it was
important for me to have work experience on my CV in order to stand out among other graduates in my field.

what do you feel you gained from your placement?

This placement year helped me grow to who I am now. I have gained so much knowledge in marketing, as well as working as a professional and building relationships with both my colleagues and clients. I have also improved so much in my communication skills.

what was your favourite part of your placement?

This was a hard question because I was excited to go to work everyday because I knew that I would get to do something different or learn something new but if I had to pick one moment
it would be getting to speak on behalf of techtimeout live on the Black Country radio!

how long was your placement?

I managed to fit my placement around my final year of university working 10 hours per week. However, some students find 15-20 hours a week is easily doable. I think it depends how much free time your course permits. However, I did become a time-management master. I was seriously organised and worked regular shifts as I found working the same days and
times each week made it easier.

what’s next for you after graduation?

I recently got a job offer to become a marketing and social media assistant for a high street fashion retailer, which I am excited to start after graduation. I wouldn’t have been able to secure this role without the valuable skills, I gained working with techtimeout.

would i recommend a placement at techtimeout to others?

I would 100% definitely recommend a placement with techtimeout to others as it will definitely boost your employability. It has helped me to complete my portfolio and I am now one step closer to my dream job!

If you would like to be considered for a placement at techtimeout, send your CV and reasons why you would like to join the team to info@techtimeout.co.uk.