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my placement experience at techtimeout
09 Aug 2021
by Jordan

how did I get the placement?

First of all, my name is Jordan and I am currently studying Digital Marketing at the University of Chester. After deciding now was the right time to apply for a placement (in the middle of a pandemic) I used my university's tool- “career hub” following a recommendation from a lecturer.

I then applied for a number of marketing job roles. After sending my CV, cover letter and portfolio, two placements got back to me to offer me an interview.

I was extremely nervous about my interview for techtimeout. It ended up going well - minus the microphone issues (don’t you just hate being on mute!). Neil got back to me very soon and offered me a placement as a virtual social media assistant. I then turned down the other placement as I thought techtimeout was an amazing initiative and I could relate to the brand.

my responsibilities- what I got up to...

Working for techtimeout has been amazing. At the start, the team asked me for my strengths and weaknesses. From this, they set my main responsibility as managing Facebook and Instagram and creating graphics on Canva. It was great that they listened and tailored my job role to my skills and interests.

I’ve also had the opportunity to work on lots of other stuff, such as writing lots of blogs, creating graphics, creating gifs and stickers, TikTok videos, data analytics, team takeovers, hashtag research and more. 

The techtimeout team have also given me the support to work on my weaknesses. There’s no limit to what I could get up to with the company - it’s fantastic that there are so many opportunities. 

During my experience I also got to take on the techtimeout10 challenge, I personally think this was my favourite bit of the work experience. It made me realise how much time I spend on screens and how reliant I am on my phone. Experiencing the challenge first hand has helped me understand the brand and the seriousness of spending too much time on your phone (the challenge has also led to fewer tension headaches for me personally).

what have I achieved during the placement?

I have achieved a lot during my time at techtimeout and I have learnt so much. It’s helped me grow as a person and increased my confidence in the marketing sector and when talking to customers. It’s also made me realise that I can achieve anything as long as I put the hard work into it and set my mind right. 

I have improved my knowledge in social media marketing, especially in the platform LinkedIn. I've appreciated every minute of my placement as I have enjoyed it so much and met amazing people.

it’s hard to pick a favourite moment

I can’t pick one particular moment as there have been so many. I’d say my greatest achievement has to be going on Black Country Radio for a live interview. If you had asked me to do this a year ago I would’ve declined, so it shows how much my confidence has grown during this placement. 

Another favourite moment is watching the social media platforms grow and seeing techtimeout getting the awareness it deserves.

what next?

I am extremely grateful to techtimeout for giving me the chance to gain some work experience as it is so hard for younger people nowadays. Moving forward I am delighted that I have been offered a permanent job at techtimeout as Social Media Manager. I never thought I would have got an opportunity like this but it shows that if you put 100% effort into something it can really pay off.

I would recommend that all students get work experience; it is so good for your CV and gives you practical experience to complement the theory you learn in University. I would also definitely recommend you do the placement at techtimeout. I may be a little biased but working for a start-up means you get more responsibility than you could potentially get in a large corporate.