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my experience doing the techtimeout10 challenge
19 Apr 2021
by Sharon

how has techtimeout10 impacted me?

My techtimeout challenge has been difficult but with the fun of discovering old and new activities it has not only improved my mental health but has allowed me to use my smartphone less and engage more with family.

what was my favourite techtimeout10 activity?

One of the activities I have had the joy of beginning again would be knitting which has been quite a joyous activity.

The techtimout10 challenge not only enabled me to use my smartphone less but to also look towards other forms of entertainment whilst working from home. 

Discovering this old activity has been a great substitute for my mobile phone as it also allowed me to also pay more attention to family and to have long conversations whilst knitting.


what other techtimeout activities were there?

I have also been taking longs across the park with my family, not only has it been a great form of exercise with many benefits.

It has been relaxing and a great way to end my day, each day since I started the techtimeout10 challenge. It’s an activity I plan to continue in the future.

As well as taking long walks and knitting, I have also been incorporating some daily exercise routines indoors and outdoors, whether it was a jog or an exercise challenge.

This particular activity kept me fit and active over the past few days, especially during these hard times with gyms no longer being open. Staying active is the hardest but most rewarding activity yet.

overall experience of techtimeout10 challenge?

This has come with many benefits such as sleeping earlier and feeling energised in the morning. It has also had a positive impact on my mood throughout the day.

This has been my techtimeout10 experience and it’s been brilliant. I’d love to challenge you to take part. Find out more and get started here.