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Make a new year’s resolution with your smartphone
07 Dec 2021
by Josh

What are you doing for your New Year’s resolution?  Every year people make new promises to improve their life at the start of the new year.  These are often around learning a new language or even starting a business.  However, maybe 2022 is the year to make a new year’s resolution with your smartphone.  Are you aware of the amount of time you spend on your phone?


Tip1-acknowledge how much time you actually spend on  your phone 

Before reading the rest of this article please take 20 seconds to check how long you currently spend on your phone. You can do this from settings. Does the number surprise you? I was surprised too.  If your daily screen time is about 2 hours then it’s time to set some time limits.  The average screen time for an adult in the United Kingdom is about 3 hours.  It has been estimated that the average Briton spends the equivalent of 30 full days on their phone.  Smartphone addiction is rarely discussed but it should be on everyone's radar. As with all addictions, unless it is monitored it can have profound impacts on other parts of your life.  The first step is to acknowledge your daily or weekly screen time.

Tip 2-New activities that don't involve social media

Have you ever wanted to try a new activity but don’t think you have the time?  It is possible that the time you can save putting down your phone can be used to start a new activity. If the average person spends around 3 hours a day scrolling through social media, even half of this time can be spent participating in sport or doing something that you’ve always wanted to do like learning a new language.

techtimeout10  challenge 

A perfect way to kick off your New Year smartphone resolution would be to sign up to the techtimeout10 challenge.  This challenge supports you to spend some time off your phone for ten days.  During the ten days you are supported to try new activities away from your phone. As I discovered, taking part in this challenge is also a great way to try and understand who you are and what you like to do outside of technology.

Tip 3- Mental health improvement

Another good reason to make your smartphone your 2022 New Year’s resolution is for better mental health.  Being on social media apps for a long period of time can be detrimental to your mental health.  Constantly comparing your life to others or feeling intimidated by other people’s lifestyle can be exhausting.  Decide now to stop excessive scrolling and be more involved in your own life.  A study recently showed that young people believe that four out of five social media platforms make their anxieties worse.  Another study by the Royal Society Of Public Health found that 9 in 10 young females are unhappy with the way they look.  How does being on social media apps affect you personally?  

Tip 4- Being present with people

When you are with family and friends are you on your phone or are you present with them?  We live in a time when families and friends are more likely to be on social media in each other's presence instead of face-to-face communicating.  A research study found that the longer pairs of friends use their phone the worse the quality of their interaction. It is no exaggeration to say that making a smartphone New Year’s resolution will help to improve the quality of your relationships.

Take action

Now, more than ever before smartphone users need to recognise how their phone impacts their lives.  A New Year’s resolution that focuses on this is a brilliant way to build a healthier relationship with your device and ultimately improve your health and wellbeing.

Remember the four points below

  • Put time limits on your phone 
  • Do activities outside of social media
  • Mental health improvements 
  • Be present with people

 More information about the techtimeout10 challenge  can be found at 


Let us know how your smartphone New Year’s resolution works out.  We’re here to support you every step of the way.


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