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Looking for a meaningful Christmas staff gift? Give the gift of time!
15 Nov 2021
by Sam

Christmas is fast approaching and so is staff gifting. Instead of the usual hamper, why don’t you give the gift of time?

Supporting your staff at the end of the year is important. Christmas is the perfect time to show gratitude and showing gratitude to your staff is the best way to thank them for all their hard work over the last year.  2021 has been particularly difficult for everyone. From adjusting back into the work space or grappling with a hybrid working approach, it’s fair to say that this year has added pressure to every worker in the UK. So, why not give something back and make this year’s corporate gifting especially meaningful?

Looking for staff gifts that will last beyond the festive season and well into 2022?

Our gift packages offer exactly that and more so let us help you give your staff the gift of time this Christmas. Our shop is packed with gift ideas that acknowledge employees' hard-work whilst providing practical solutions to a tech/life balance.  Gift boxes include tech aids, such as a phone grip and phone sleeping bag, and a mix of wellness items combined into gift boxes, including a packet of seeds and a sachet of hot chocolate, to remind workers that they do need to find a balance.  At the end of the year we all need to detox and reset, and our 3 most popular Tech Addict Gift Boxes provide the tools to make this happen. Our Bronze box includes 5 items for tech addicts who also love getting outdoors and staying active whilst our Silver and Gold boxes provide additional items that make a lovely surprise for the recipient.

Customer feedback is positive!

“In 2021 we sent everyone the Activity Idea Cards. Office staff had great fun organising activities that gave them time away from their desks and devices and our home workers used the cards to build in regular breaks and avoid screentime drain.”

“We chose techtimeout corporate gifts to show support for our remote workers. We wanted them to know that we didn’t expect them to always be online. The postal deliveries were easy to organise and well-received.” 

“Last year was extremely hectic with Covid so the pre-packed Tech Addict Box for everyone was a life saver. The theme of the box went down really well with all ages.”

Don’t delay, buy today

Our techtimeout gift boxes are all letterbox-sized to avoid additional stress to the recipient who can simply pick up their surprise gift from the doorstep. Click through to our store for a range of options at different price points. Prices range from £2 for individual items to £45 for the Tech Addict Gold Box. Order before Friday 17th December to claim free delivery on all items.

For corporate gifts and bulk purchases please email info@techtimeout.co.uk and a member of the team will be in touch to chat through requirements.