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lockdown 2 - take our 7 day techtimeout challenge
08 Nov 2020
by Shelley

At the beginning of the year, who thought that staying in would be the new going out?

And that birthdays, meetings, and nights out, would all be done on Zoom rather than in person?

As the UK starts another lockdown, it’s likely that we’ll rely on technology more than ever to entertain and connect us, as the cold winter days will make it more difficult to spend time outside and disconnect.

At techtimeout, we know how important technology will be. It’ll help us to work, stay connected with friends, family, and support networks, and keep us entertained.

But we are also aware that more than ever we need to manage our use of technology, as screen time will soar and mindless scrolling will take its toll.

That’s why we are encouraging people to take on our techtimeout 7 Day Challenge!

It’s super easy to do, and each challenge enables you to take at least 30 minutes away from Netflix, Zoom meetings, browsing the news on your phone, computer games, etc, etc! You can write your own 7 day challenge to suit your interests, or you can follow ours.

Here we go:

day 1

Go for a walk, but leave your phone at home (or turn on airplane mode so you get to disconnect).

day 2

Use your phone as an actual phone! Call a friend you haven’t chatted to for a while and have a nice catch up.

day 3

Do an offline activity that you love. We know that baking/reading/writing/board games/sorting cupboards, aren’t for everyone, so use day 3 to dedicate some time to an offline activity that YOU love.

day 4

Have an offline dinner. Order takeaway, or cook something nice, set the table, play your favourite music, and sit down without any devices switched on, and most importantly, out of reach. If you live with friends or family, ask them to take part. You could even create your own techtimeout box to help!

day 5

Write a letter to someone. How long since you last wrote or received an actual letter? During lockdown you could bring a smile to someone’s face by writing to them rather than sending the usual quick WhatsApp.

day 6

Tick a job off your list. Whether it’s wrapping Christmas presents, sorting out an overflowing cupboard, or getting your bike fixed. Taking a techtimeout can help you to get stuff done!

day 7

Do a heath or wellbeing activity that suits you. Whether it’s yoga, meditation, running, cycling, or walking. There’s no better way to get away from tech than some scheduled wellbeing time!

Good luck folks! And be kind to yourselves.