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i feel great, less stressed, and happier due to techtimeout10
30 Apr 2021
by eithar

In this blog, I will be talking about my participation in the techtimeout10 challenge and my experience in doing the challenge.

The techtimout10 challenge is for each day for 10 days - you can be creative and choose whatever activity of your choice but without a presence on your phone. You can do this by placing your phone in a techtimeout pouch and placing it away from your reach.

The amount of time you spend off your devices is up to you. What is amazing about the techtimeout10 challenge is that you can do this on your own or with someone - it can be done with members of your family, friends or as a workplace.

here is what my participation in techtimeout10 challenge looked like:

Uno Cards

day 1

After work I decided to go for a walk in the park with my brother. It was a good escape from all the workload and being stuck in a chair for several hours - it felt great that I was moving. It was a relaxing long walk. When we were going home, the sun was setting so I took pictures, this was the only time I used my phone - I made sure I was sticking to the no-phone rule.

day 2

This was a relaxing day, I have been looking at easy cooking recipes that we can cook at home. So for lunch, I made Thai hot sauce with chicken and spaghetti, it was an amazingly easy recipe and tasted great. Unfortunately, I forgot to take a picture but you guys get the idea!

day 3

After a long day at work, I did some home workouts because the weather outside wasn’t so great - very windy. I did 30 minute workouts which were great. I'm enthusiastic about trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

day 4

I had purchased 3 books in January but I didn't get much of a chance to read as I was busy with University work and doing my internship. So this was a challenge that I had for a long time and it was great that I had the time to do this. So I started first by reading ‘’The Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown’’ and I enjoyed it.

day 5

Nothing much exciting happened that day but I continued my techtimeout10 challenge by continuing to finish my new favorite book “The Da Vinci Code”

day 6

For this day I spent the day doing house cleaning and after lunch, my family sat down to play a game of UNO. Later in the afternoon we took part in the challenge to solve a Rubix cube and the person who did solve it would get £20. None of us solved it though, so the challenge got extended.

day 7

Early in the morning I spent 30 minutes organising my wardrobe. Later that evening I continued with the challenge by making popcorn with caramel. The recipe was easy. It only took 15 minutes, and the popcorn was amazing. I fully recommend it.

day 8

It was a chill day. After work I went for a short walk to the park, and later I did some night reading before I went to bed.

day 9

For this day I spent my free time doing some artwork drawings and decorating my room with a new photocard that I recently purchased. Arts and crafts have always been a hobby that I really enjoy doing. I think this was my favorite techtimeout10 challenge activity.

day 10

For my last techtimeout10 challenge activity, I finished the day after work by cooking and doing a 1-hour of reading. I then got ready for bed, making sure I get 7+ hours of sleep.

my overall experience of doing the techtimeout10 challenge

I think this challenge has helped me a lot and made a huge difference in my daily life. I feel great, less stressed, and happier. I can sleep better and for longer hours than before. I feel more energetic and now I am always looking forward to doing something creative and new - away from technology. I have found that I have been spending less time on the screen and it hasn’t been an issue for me. I am now on the journey of finding a balanced relationship with technology. 

We would love to see you doing the techtimeout10 challenge. Share your photos with us and tag #tto10 on social media.

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