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how technology is impacting our sleep
07 May 2021
by jordan

Technology has now become an indispensable feature of our daily lives. We are surrounded by screens from morning to night, from cell phones and tablets to computers and televisions and even watches! These gadgets, however, will disrupt our bodies' normal cycles and impair our ability to sleep well.

how does it affect our sleep?

  • Bright lights from devices - After just 1.5 hours of using technology in the evening, these devices block the release of the sleep hormone, melatonin.
  • Increased Alertness/Stimulation from Technology Activity - When it is close to bedtime and there is a use of screen-time. This fills the person’s mind with information, knowledge and thoughts not allowing them to get any sleep

  • Activity Absorption & Extra Distractions - People who use devices before going to bed face the ultimate sleep distraction. As It's all too tempting to get engrossed in what's happening on the phone and distracts them from getting sleep.

when should you come off your phone at night?

According to the National Sleep Foundation, you should avoid using mobile devices, such as your smartphone, at least 30 minutes before going to bed. Instead, take a book from your nightstand and begin reading before going to bed. You'll be surprised by how much faster you fall asleep the next night.

3 top tips for a better night's sleep

1. Take the techtimeout10 challenge, as this helps you gain a better relationship with your technology and can have benefits such as improved sleep.

2. Put your phone away in another room before you go to bed. (You could even use our techtimeout pouches)

3. Turn off as many post notifications as possible, to reduce your chances of being tempted to pick up your phone.

to find out more about the techtimeout10 challenge click here.

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