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how much do we really use our phones in daily life?
19 Apr 2021
by Eithar

so, how much are phones used in everyday life?

Technology is a massive part of our life. Our phones can feel like an extra limb at times.

They’re often the last things we touch at night and the first things we touch in the morning. They don’t really leave our sides much during the day either!

We thought we would have a look at the research and see when phones are most commonly used in everyday life. Here’s what we’ve found...

Working - 84%

According to LaptopsDirect.co.uk research found that 84% of UK employees use their smartphone while at work. Surprisingly, it was found that 78% of employees are spending more than an average of 120 hours per year using their smartphone during working hours. We wonder how much of this time is productive and how much of this time is mindless scrolling?

Walking/On-The-Go - 74%

In a survey made by Deloitte, more than half of respondents in the UK, admit to using their smartphones while walking.

This figure increased for UK younger users aged 16- 24, 74% admitted using their phone while walking. Even some respondents admit using their smartphones while crossing the road.

How many people have almost walked into something while staring down at the screen?

During a meal with others - 71%

Global Wireless Solutions conducted a research study and found that 71% of British users use their smartphone at the dinner table. The study also found that 80% feel annoyed when they see others doing the same. If we find it so frustrating - why do we keep on doing it? It’s because it’s a habit to keep picking up our phones time and time again.

While lying in bed - 78%

According to a Deloitte survey, UK phone users found that 78% of adults check their smartphones within the last hour before going to sleep.  Also, 66% of users between the ages 16- 19 smartphone users check their phones in the middle of the night and 33% for all UK adults.

With the blue light from our devices reducing the production of our sleep hormone melatonin ,this is a real issue as it’s impacting the amount and quality of sleep.

While Driving - 51%

Did you know 51% of UK drivers receive or make calls while driving? Many drivers in the UK confess to even texting, checking emails and scrolling through social media.

In the UK, It is illegal to be holding a mobile device while driving, and if broken can lead to six points penalty and a £200 fine. It is very important to follow law guidelines to ensure the safety of others.

Public Transport - 65%

Research has found that 65% of the UK use their smartphone in public transport. More than 50% of 16- 25 admit that they look at their smartphone immediately after getting on public transport. We dare you to not reach straight for your devices next time you’re on public transport - can you do it!?

During services - 12%

Research has also found that 12% of smartphone users will check their phone while in a religious service, at a wedding or in an appointment (such as a hair or beauty appointment. Many admit that they cannot ignore notification or text and even step outside to take a phone call.

While using the Bathroom - 57%

YouGov Realtime conducted a survey and revealed that ''a trip to the toilet is increasingly not complete without a phone’’. 57% of Britain’s admit to using their phones on the toilet. This figure is found to be higher for younger smartphone users. Health experts and hygienics do advise against this!

Free time as a hobby - 70%

According to research, 70% of smartphone users will be active on their phone during their free time as a hobby. Many feel that doing other things require effort and that now smartphones are more advanced than they were able to do so much, such as online shopping, texting friends or family and even watching videos.

Did any of these statistics surprise you? If you’ve now realised that you spend too much time on your phone, why not take on the techtimeout10 challenge - it’s not easy if you’re a tech addict!


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