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how I’ve dealt with digital burnout
15 Apr 2021
by Lauren Walton

how I’ve dealt with digital burnout?

This last year I have worked, relaxed, studied and connected with my loved ones, all through screens. It was no surprise that I experienced digital burnout.

what is digital burnout?

‘Burnout’ is a psychological term that refers to the state of mental, emotional and physical exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive stress. Digital burnout is classed as a specific type of burnout that is triggered by the prolonged and excessive use of digital devices.

As a result, I took on the techtimeout10 challenge. This challenge is designed to raise awareness of the dependency we have on technology and the benefits that can be had from truly disconnecting.

I unplugged all my devices and spent an hour every day for 10 days offline. Even that little amount of time made a huge difference in my recovery to reduce burnout and fatigue.

getting outside

Due to the pandemic, I found myself being holed up inside quite a lot, so I took this opportunity to get outside and go for a walk. It cleared my mind which helped to decrease any stress I was currently feeling. I would definitely recommend it.



finding alternatives - trying golf and jigsaw puzzles!

One of the reasons that digital burnout has reached such a peak during this pandemic is that the analogue alternatives that used to fill our time are gone. I spent time considering alternative tech-free activities that I could enjoy over the next 10 days and here is just some of what I got up to!



now it’s your turn...

I hope my blog post has inspired you to get involved, especially if you need something to help you recover from digital burnout and fatigue. 

For digital overwhelm, remember the single best thing you can do is log off and enjoy some techtimeout.

Find out more about the techtimeout10 challenge here.