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how i reduced my screen time by 15%
17 May 2021
by Himaas

We did a Screen time Sunday challenge at techtimeout over a two week period. The main purpose of the challenge was to reduce our screen time on a mobile device and observe the increase/decrease in percentage of the usage ratio.

I started my screen time Sunday challenge from 11th April 2021 and ended on 25th April.

The total daily average of screen time from 11th -18th April 2021 was 8h 49 min. In the second week from 18th - 25th April 2021 my average daily screen time was 7h 47 min which was 15% down from the earlier week.

This challenge was fun as it gave me an opportunity to have less interaction with technology and go out for outdoor activities and start new hobbies.

During this challenge, I started growing some plants and also experienced growing sunflower seeds. Other than that, I tried cooking new cuisines which somehow didn’t reach up to the mark but I was quite happy to spend time learning new things rather than scrolling through social media on smartphones.

Some parts of the day, I managed to do some home workout as well which helped me to keep away from smartphones. By performing this challenge, it made me feel quite productive about the day.

Being a mobile addict, it was hard for me initially to keep away from mobile phones as I checked my mobile phone regularly even if there were no notifications. Once I completed any outdoor activity, I started using my smartphone and I didn’t realise how much time I spent on it.

Another struggle I faced during this challenge, I was unable to find any new activities so I could spend more time in it. Some activities which I did only lasted 30 min.

some important tips I would recommend is:

  • Turning off the notifications, use airplane mode, remove distraction based apps from the screen.

  • Don’t charge phone near bed

  • Put your phone away when doing any work

  • Limiting screen time

This links to techtimeout10 challenge as well as it enables me to have a healthy relationship with technology. The main purpose of techtimeout10 challenge is to stay away from mobile phones and do other activities. With the help of the screen time challenge it helped to raise awareness of the dependency that we have on technology.