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completing the techtimeout10 challenge improved my sleeping pattern
12 Apr 2021
by jordan gale

I have absolutely loved participating in the techtimeout10 challenge!

As I have wanted to take more time off my phone and tune in with myself. I am amazed by how much it has improved my mental health and sleeping patterns already and It is something I would recommend to everyone!

Each day, for 10 days, I picked out activities that made me feel happy and motivated. I then selected a time length, however, sometimes I did go over the time length and that is completely fine! We should be able to spend more time doing the things we love!

After this, I picked up my phone and placed it in a techtimeout pouch and put it into a different room - out of sight, out of mind! This is a great way to make sure that I was not tempted to pick up my phone whilst doing the activities. I then repeated this for 10 days!

Below are the different activities I did each day, to give you an idea of what you could do!

Day 1

I started reading a new book called “This Time Next Year” I did this for about 30 minutes in the morning, to give myself a clear head for the upcoming day. I also chose this book as it is a genre I have never read before! I've recently started reading more books as they are super helpful for reducing my stress and feelings of anxiety.


Day 2

On this day I went to Chester Grosvenor Park for a walk. It was a nice and sunny day, too! I left my phone in my pocket on silent, so it did not interrupt my techtimeout. This walk was extra special as It was nice to get out of the house during Covid-19. On the walk, I saw some friendly squirrels.


Day 3

It was a busy day, so it was hard to fit in a techtimout10. However, I did manage to by cooking a new recipe from a Gousto box. The activities you choose do not always have to be complicated; it can be anything you enjoy without your phone!


Day 4

This was a unique day and the most exciting day I've had in a while - I picked up a puppy! This ensured that I did not go on my phone - I was occupied by him most of the day!


Day 5

I decided to get creative, without using my laptop or phone. So, I went to the shop and bought a Paint By Numbers. This techtimeout10 took a lot longer than the others! I found this very calming and therapeutic.


Day 6

This was another very busy day, full of university work! For this techtimeout, I managed to take an hour break and play monopoly with the family! This was great as it was nice to spend time with loved ones and not always being on my phone around the table.


Day 7

Another walk was due for my techtimeout, as this is my favourite activity to do as it improves my mood and boosts my energy for the day. I also love exploring new places!


Day 8

I had a self-care night, as I like to have these at least once a week as they are relaxing, and It is important to look after yourself even if you are busy! I had a relaxing bath and a facemask, also I went to sleep earlier this night too.


Day 9

My techtimeout10 for this day was playing cards with my boyfriend as this is something, we both enjoy doing. It’s great to come off our phones and spend quality time together! Even though it did get a bit competitive.


Day 10

For the last day, I cooked up my favourite breakfast. Avocado and poached eggs on toast with a pinch of chilli flakes.

Make sure you take the techtimeout10 challenge and tell us your results!

You can find out more about the techtimeout10 challenge here.