take a minute

capturing the little things of life
21 May 2021
by Natalie

I am a firm believer in taking a techtimeout to reconnect with the real world, and find calm through real-life tech-free activities to not only reconnect, but also to discover who you are as a person.

I will walk you through each day of my techtimeout10 challenge, giving you a true understanding of how this benefitted me.

Not only will my blog showcase my techtimeout10 journey, but demonstrating how taking a break from technology is a real benefit to one of the most important assets in life which is our wellbeing and mental health.

People may put their well-being on the backburner in a world that is constantly evolving around technology, especially since the Covid-19 pandemic. People can forget how important it is to not only take a techtimeout to reconnect with nature and the outside world, but also to invest time in themselves.

here is my day to day account of the techtimeout10 challenge


Day 1

Throughout my day I wanted to escape from all sights of technology, so I went on a walk around the city walls of Chester. This allowed me to get my daily exercise, but to also allow my mind to feel a sense of freedom and be more aware of my surroundings. With gaining a more positive mind this has led me to focus and self reflect everything I should be grateful for in life.


Day 2

I am a lover of good, healthy food so I had decided it would be a good idea to try out something new. When I cook I love to get creative therefore I did not follow a recipe I had used my own initiative and made the recipe up from my own ideas. Which included: Whole Wheat Pasta, Creme Fraiche, Salmon, Brocolli, Spinach, Sweetcorn.

I had my favourite music playing in the background the entire time I was cooking to help me relax, stay focused and allow myself to enjoy one of my favourite activities, cooking.


Day 3

With a busy schedule evolved around completing my university work I had decided to continue reading my favourite book ‘women don't owe you pretty’. Reading helps me to withdraw from all of my life’s pressures and it takes me on a journey of discovery. The sense of escapism I felt when taking time out to read and not interact with any form of technology helped me to feel more relaxed.


Day 4

I set aside time in the evening after I had completed my daily priorities to meditate with candles and soothing music in the background. The benefits from meditation includes me to better focus and concentrate while improving my self awareness and self esteem. I felt very empowered after my meditation session and I learnt that meditation can improve the physical health as well as mental health.


Day 5

I am very passionate about living a healthier lifestyle, and the gym helps me to concentrate all of my attention on myself while also encouraging me to disconnect from any electronic screens. Regular exercise supports me in releasing positive endorphins and my energy levels, which has a positive impact on the rest of my day.


Day 6

Day 6 I thought I deserved a day to myself, which included some retail therapy and getting outside to enjoy the beautiful weather. It made me happy to go shopping and treat myself to some new clothes because life is about working hard but also playing hard. We should focus on rewarding ourselves while taking a techtimeout. 


Day 7

With having a busy day I thought it would be a good idea to take an evening walk through Chester to not only get my daily exercise but to connect with nature. Exposure to nature allows us to feel better emotionally and contributes to our physical well-being.


Day 8

I was looking forward to day 8 because I realised I had a nail appointment scheduled. I was completely focused on the comfort of being pampered and the one-on-one chat with the beautician. This encouraged me to concentrate on one of the most important aspects of life: interacting with the outside world.

techtimeoutDay9Day 9

To start off another busy day I had taken time out in the morning to cook one of my favourite breakfasts. American style pancakes, along with a new recipe I had chosen from the good food website - a homemade raspberry and cranberry smoothie. The activities you choose to do does not have to be complex; it could be as simple as cooking your favourite breakfast in the morning.


Day 10

On the final day, I completed my techtimeout10 challenge by going for a two-hour walk through the Wirral countryside with a good friend. Taking a walk is one of my favourite activities to do when taking a techtimeout because it boosts my energy and improves my mood as it is a way of adventuring through nature.

At techtimeout we will assist you in finding a healthy balance with technology so that you can feel good and learn to handle digital distractions more effectively.

So, remember to enjoy your techtimeout and take a well-deserved break from technology to start reconnecting with nature, family, friends and most importantly yourself!

Find out more about the challenge here.