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are you addicted to tech? top tips on how to unplug
19 Jul 2020
by Steff

For many of us, technology has been a blessing during the COVID-19 crisis, as we’ve all led a virtual social life, devoured everything on Netflix, and checked the news many, many, many times.

Here at techtimeout, we know it’s kept many people connected during difficult times, but we also know that you can have too much of a good thing, and with COVID-19 already expected to have a devastating impact on the mental health of thousands of people across the UK, we know that having a healthy relationship with tech is important to wellbeing, focus, and relationships.

So, here are our top tips on how to take a break from your phone, get offline, and have a techtimeout.

create a techtimeout box

If everyone in your household spends way too much time face down with a screen, and it’s difficult to resist the temptation of checking your phone every few minutes, then why not set up a ‘techtimeout box’– a place where every family member has to put their phone or devices for a certain period every day? Labels will be available to buy soon!

If everyone physically ‘gives up’ their phone for a little bit, you’ll find it opens up a whole world of conversation, games, and chill time.

take up a non-techie hobby

If you’re finding that all your leisure time is being taken up by video games, mobile phones, or TV, why not take up a new hobby that takes you 100% away from tech – even if it’s just for an hour or two every week.

Start a walking club or book club with friends, join a local club, learn to knit, learn to cook, or start a journal – finding something to do that you love whilst offline will give you that much-needed break.

turn off the wi-fi

It may sound unthinkable, but one way to ensure everyone in your household disconnects for a few hours a week is by creating a Wi-Fi blackout period where you turn off the Wi-Fi box.

It sounds extreme, but it’ll work, and you’ll realise there are loads of offline jobs or fun activities you can get into instead of mindless scrolling!

limit your device use

According to a study by Neilson, 73% of US adults at least occasionally use another digital device whilst watching TV.

If you’re one of many who have half an eye on the TV and the other is mindlessly scrolling Facebook, then it might be time to commit to one thing and put the device down.

If you’re working on your computer, watching TV, or chatting on Zoom, try putting away any other devices that might tempt you. It’ll improve focus and reduce your screen time.

And remember, if you meet up with friends or family, keep your phone in your bag. Real people are more important!

don’t take your phone to bed

Some studies show that the blue light emitted by phones can have a detrimental impact on sleep quality. Furthermore, taking your phone to bed can have a big impact on your ability to get an early night, as constant alerts and scrolling can mean it’s hard to settle.

An easy way to solve this and disconnect from tech is simply don’t take your phone to bed with you. Buy a cheap alarm, so you don’t need your phone to wake you up, and make your bedroom a phone-free zone.

A good night’s sleep has huge benefits to health and wellbeing.

got some techtimeout tips?

If you’re on a tech detox, or you know a great method for taking a techtimeout, then why not share your top tips with the techtimetut community? Drop us a message, or you could write us a letter if you like? We would love to hear from you!