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Our Partners

We’ve partnered with some fantastic business networks and organisations within the health and wellbeing sector. Through these partnerships, we deliver digital wellbeing support to their members and customers.


Freedom is the leading cross-platform digital distraction blocker. Our users can launch or schedule focus sessions when distracting apps and websites are blocked.  Gone are the pings and dings that break focus, along with the temptation for a 'quick look' at the news.  Freedom users claim to save over 2 hours per day, and 90% feel more productive and happier at work. 

To celebrate techtimeout tuesday, we are offering a 30% discount off a Year of Freedom. Just enter the code TTOT30 at checkout.


Built for users who need some highly focused time for their work. Caveday offers a space for workers to retreat to and dedicate themselves to a highly focused task, to get it done. They achieve this using sprints of concentrated work to structure your day.

Mind Over Tech

Mind Over Tech offers a programme of training sessions to help give people insights into their habits and suggest techniques to help them take control of their tech usage.

Everyone's needs are different and they utilise an individual approach to tailor your activities to suit your objectives.

Here is a unique code MOT-TT10 allowing customers to enjoy a fantastic discount when making a purchase through the Mind Over Tech website.


For companies, schools and individuals, Neurify offers teaching and guidance with the aim to improve people's mental health; helping them thrive. They use a variety of techniques to help regain balance in the brain's chemistry, to transform the way you feel and optimise your potential.


At eyeConnect, we enthusiastically endorse the Tech Timeout Tuesday initiative. Our Digital Detox game is designed to empower individuals to unplug from screens and rediscover the joy of connecting with real people - one colourful conversation-sparking question at a time! Tech Timeout Tuesday aligns perfectly with our mission, encouraging a break from digital distractions to engage in meaningful conversations and create lasting connections. eyeConnect is proud to partner with Tech Timeout Tuesday, promoting a healthier balance between technology and genuine human interactions.

Discount Code (15% Off): TECHTIMEOUTTUESDAY


The midlands-based employee benefits advisors provide independent consultations covering Private Medical Insurance, Business Protection, Group Risk and Employee Wellbeing services to support businesses of all sizes.

Student Minds

The UK’s student mental health charity, empowering students to look after their own mental health and support others. The charity trains students and University staff to deliver peer support, workshops and campaigns.


Supporting independent law firms for over 30 years, LawNet supports its members to succeed by providing a wide range of services and initiatives to help firms stay ahead of their competition, reduce costs, improve efficiencies and profitability.

The Wellness Hub

For businesses looking to reduce the cost and impact of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing issues. The Wellness Hub is an on-demand portal for employees to access bitesize wellness training, resources and video content.

Human Everything

Dedicated to building better teams and enhancing mental health awareness, the team at Human Everything offer Mental Health First Aid Training, Specialist Personality Testing and Workplace Mediation to develop healthy and productive workplaces. 

My Staff Shop

My Staff Shop's mission is not only to produce the employee reward platform that engages everyone and saves money – it’s to help bring financial security to all of your employees. The service is tailored to suit each workplace's culture and objectives.


what are people saying

We truly believe in the benefits of techtimeout, but don’t just take our word for it.

Simon Blake

“So much of our time both at work and at home is spent on phones and computers, with notifications popping up here, there, and everywhere. Technology has so much power for good, but only if we also know how to step away from it and give our brain and body the chance to both enjoy the power of connection with people, nature, and rest.

At MHFA England®, we are proudly paving the way for positive mental health in the workplace, and as part of our approach to wellbeing we will be partnering with techtimeout to host this year's digital wellbeing day ‘techtimeout tuesday’ on 28 November to encourage improvements in our digital habits, and we'll be encouraging our network of Mental Health First Aiders to get involved too."

Simon Blake

CEO, Mental Health First Aid England

Be Bold Media

"We’re in the PR & communications business. In today’s digital world that means we inevitably spend a lot of time on tech. The health and well-being of our team is paramount. They know they can take a break, go for a walk, take time out any time of the day but we know all companies aren’t like us. That’s why techtimeout is such a fantastic initiative – by encouraging leaders to engage with staff on the issue of mental health and wellness it has put the issue on the national business agenda."

Amy Bould

Be Bold Media

Birmingham St Marys Hospice

"It's very easy for the act of making time away from the screen to slip down the priority list, so the techtimeout campaign came at a great time in a year where the divide between work and home life has got increasingly blurry. It was great to intentionally get out for a walk at lunchtime and leave my phone at home, and I noticed how much more recharged I felt for the rest of the day. This is definitely something that I would like to keep up!"

Helen Rawnsey

Birmingham St Marys Hospice


"In a world where a phone, tablet, computer, games consoles and all the other screens we see daily are prolific, it’s important to step back and appreciate that they're only machines. The initiative by techtimeout was an important idea to me to ensure I help my daughter grow up with a healthy relationship with technology, not just being glued to the thing like I find myself far too often."

Chris Howey


Powys County Council

"The majority of our employees are being forced to work remotely due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and are more reliant than ever on using technology to stay in touch. Their wellbeing is of great concern to us. We encouraged our staff to take 10 minutes away from their laptops, to go for a lunchtime walk, or a walk before or after work as part of techtimeout tuesday."

Cllr. Graham Breeze

Powys County Council


"The techtimeout10 challenge made a huge difference to the team. We all made the effort to turn off and go outside or do something we loved, and we shared what we were doing with each other - everyone had smiles on their faces and it was great for me as a manager to know that my staff were taking some time out for themselves and stepping away from their screens"

Rhea Alton

Managing Director, J&PR

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