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techtimeout aware

techtimeout aware

take on the techtimeout10 challenge

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why companies become techtimeout aware

raise awareness of how technology can impact mental health and productivity

With employees spending most of their time looking at screens, you can start to raise awareness of the negative effects of too much screen-time. The challenge itself highlights the benefits of taking regular breaks from screens.

This is an incredibly important and needed service. Businesses need to prepare now for the adverse impact of the digital overload their employees have been and will continue to experience.

The guidance that techtimeout provides makes it easy for businesses to put the right support in place for employees.

The Mental Health Service

Lisa Williams BSc (hons) and DClinPsy
Lead Clinical Psychologist, The Mental Health Service

the missing piece of a complex issue impacting businesses

Many employees are noticing signs of burnout, deteriorating mental health and a blurred work/life boundaries but how do businesses help employees find this balance in a world of 24/7 digital connection? The techtimeout10 challenge empowers employees to find balance, take breaks and discover hobbies away from screens.

"We decided to take part in the challenge as part of our on-going health and well-being programme. It’s extremely important to encourage staff to take time away from technology, especially those working from home and we are setting daily puzzles and sharing time out ideas"

Biscoes Solicitors

Alison Lee

Managing Director, Biscoes Solicitors

Lee Alison

a healthier, more productive workforce

The techtimeout10 challenge encourages employees to have regular breaks and engage with hobbies that don't involve screens - two factors that can positively influence productivity. A healthier relationship with technology can help employees create healthy habits and become less easily distracted in a world of endless digital distractions and multiple communication channels.

"I find my phone and social media to be so addictive. You find you fall down the wormhole of "just 5 more minutes" and before you know it you have wasted so much time. I really enjoyed it and found there was much more to see and do without my phone."


April 2021 Participant


HR team-building activity for hybrid, office-based or remote teams

The techtimeout10 challenge suits all employees whether they're working in the office, from home or a hybrid of the two. Designed to be easily accessible and inclusive, it's a good way to help teams get to know each other better to benefit working relationships and overall team performance. 

"The techtimeout10 challenge is such a good idea and made a huge difference to the team during the 10 days. We all made the effort to turn off and go outside or do something we loved, and we shared what we were doing with each other - everyone had smiles on their faces and it was great for me as a manager to know that my staff were taking some time out for themselves and stepping away from their screens"


Rhea Alton

Director, J&PR


find out how your employees feel about tech/life balance and screen-time

After the challenge, you have the option of sharing an anonymous survey with your team. This helps you understand how your employees feel about their relationship with technology and how they found the challenge. 

"It was good to get time away from my phone. Staring at a screen all day with work and then the rest of my day staring at my phone was becoming an issue. It was lovely to have an excuse to take a walk or pick up an actual real book"

May 2021 Participant

Law firm based in the East-Midlands

share your status to benefit recruitment

Businesses like yours can become 'techtimeout aware' and show potential candidates that the health and wellbeing of your teams is something you take seriously. In a competitive jobs market, your employer brand is important. When you complete the challenge, we share a 'techtimeout aware' logo to use across your social media channels and website. 

“Technology is playing a pivotal role in keeping us connected and working efficiently but there's increasing evidence showing that overuse of technology can have a negative impact on productivity and mental health.

techtimeout have the tools and know-how to help mitigate this issue so we’re pleased to have them on board as a preferred supplier"


Helen Hamilton-Shaw

Member Engagement & Strategy Director, LawNet

Helen Hamilton-Shaw

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how it works

simple concept, powerful benefits

For the challenge itself, all your employees need to do is...

  1. Pick a length of time
  2. Pick a tech-free activity
  3. Pop their phone in a techtimeout bag (out of sight, out of mind!) 
  4. Enjoy a techtimeout
  5. Do this every day for 10 days. 

Sound simple? It can be harder than you think if you're used to having your phone by your side 24/7.

But even in a short time, you can reap the benefits of truly disconnecting. 

get started

simple concept, powerful benefits

delivering digital wellbeing to your business

delivering digital wellbeing to your business

As a business, you tell us how many techtimeout challenge bags you need and we send them direct to your employees with instructions on how to take part.

We'll also send you...

  • a digital welcome pack with useful tips
  • email templates to send to your employees
  • social media graphics
  • a follow up survey and report to help you understand how your employees feel about their work/life balance, their screen-time and how they found the challenge.

After completing the challenge, your business can be recognised as 'techtimeout aware'. This status comes with a logo for your website and social media channels and a guide on how to share your status. 

You can sign up clicking the link below and a member of our friendly team will get in touch with you. 

get started

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to achieve 'techtimeout aware' status


you have successfully completed the techtimeout10 challenge


over 70% of the team have completed the post challenge survey


you have discussed the results from the challenge with a member of the techtimeout team

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frequently asked questions

The challenge costs just £10 per employee. This includes the challenge pack for employees and the digital resources sent to your business. 

This includes postage to one address. We can also take care of posting to individual employees with an additional cost for postage and packaging.

The techtimeout branded bags can act as a nice reminder to take a break.

When breaking habits and creating new ones, there are three steps - cue, routine and reward. The cue triggers the routine or behaviour. The behaviour must then elicit a reward which is reinforced through repetition. 

In our case, the cue is the techtimeout bag. The routine is taking a techtimeout and the reward is one of the many benefits participants experience taking the challenge. By repeating for 10 days, this behaviour is reinforced. We then encourage people to continue taking techtimeout's until the behaviour becomes part of their daily routine. 

The profit from any purchases helps us continue doing the work we do - raising awareness of technology dependency and helping people use technology in a more balanced way. 

It can be anything that doesn't involve a screen.

We send employees a list of activities as part of the challenge pack.

Reading, exercising or baking are three of the most popular activities. We've seen people revisit hobbies that they haven't prioritised for a while, and lots of people have taken up new hobbies. You can see more ideas here.

Imagine if you dedicated half of the time you spend on your phone to learning a new language or a musical instrument?

Technology has evolved (and continues to evolve) at a rapid pace. We've all embraced technology and a digital world but have you ever taken a step back to realise it's impact both personally and professionally?

Overwhelm and burnout are all too common. Research shows that overusing and mindless use of technology impacts mental health, productivity, focusing power and relationships. 

It's time to raise awareness of our dependency on technology and make 'techtimeouts' (a period of time, away from screens) a regular thing! 

The beauty of the challenge is that there is no set start date... but there's no time like the present! 

We suggest picking a start date that gives you enough time to fully inform your employees. We've got email templates as part of our resource pack that you can share with your employees to get them on board.

Yes, of course!
We want as many people involved as possible. You choose your start date and off you go!

You can rope in friends or family if you do want to add a competition element and compare what you get up to on your 'techtimeouts' each day.

It can be easier to introduce a new habit (or break an old one) if you've got support from other people. Ever notice the urge to check your phone if you see someone else on theirs!

If you're an individual or a small group - you can purchase the challenge bags on our shop.

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let's get started!

Join hundreds of other businesses who have completed the techtimeout10 challenge.

Lead the way and begin to tackle digital distractions and overwhelm in your business. 

A healthy relationship with technology can benefit employees at home and in the workplace. 

Together, we can make healthier relationships with technology the norm and create happier and healthier teams.

get started now

let's get started!

hear from one of the best companies to work for

Moneypenny continually rank as one of the best companies to work for in the UK. Watch this video to hear from their legal sector team who used the techtimeout10 challenge as a way to bring the team together and promote healthier relationships with technology in their business. 

The team talk about the benefits including more freedom, quality time with family and a new appreciation of the outdoors. 

It's brilliant to see a team embrace the challenge and continue to take regular 'techtimeouts' after completing the challenge.

some of the 'techtimeout aware' employers

Amber Energy
Biscoes Solicitors
Gamlins Law
Zen Communications
Abodus Student Housing
Vita Student
Buckles Solicitors LLP

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