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how does techtimeout work?

We're focused on helping businesses support employees manage digital distractions, promote digital wellbeing and increase productivity. 

What is digital wellbeing? It's the impact that technology has on mental, physical and emotional wellbeing. 

Creating a health and wellbeing strategy that delivers for all employees can be challenging. With many employees spending their time at work looking at screens and then heading home and continuing to be connected to screens, technology impacts everyone.

Empowering your employees to take a look at their relationship with their devices and putting the right protection in place can help you benefit from a happier, healthier and more productive workforce.

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build a new relationship with tech

Technology has opened up new opportunities and it keeps us all connected - it's redefined the way we work. 

But can you have too much of a good thing? We believe that technology should enrich our lives and not take over.

In a world of 24/7 connection and endless channels of communication, has your business adapted to support employees to work at their best?

We can help you discover whether tech is supporting or undermining wellbeing and productivity in your business. 

how does techtimeout work?

Step 1

take on the techtimeout10 challenge and become 'techtimeout aware'

As with any dependency the first step is awareness; an awareness of the impact of forever being connected to technology can have and an awareness of the positive influence of regular breaks and screen-free hobbies. 

Did you know that your ability to focus is reduced when your phone in sight? That’s even if you’re not actively checking it. It’s a proven barrier to productivity. 

Unlike many other dependencies people are not normally backwards in coming forwards in talking about it. The majority of people happily admit that they spend too much time scrolling and would like to get their life back.

Technology has an influence on everyone. What better way to support your employees than to run a digital wellbeing initiative that highlights the benefits of truly disconnecting while assisting them to feel better and work more productively. 

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Step 2

the second step is techtimeout accreditation

Once your business has successfully achieved techtimeout aware status, the next step is accreditation. 

This recognition is reserved for the businesses who are taking action and have support in place to protect the digital wellbeing of employees.

Based on your working practices, policies and mental health support, our accreditation survey measures and recognises your commitment. You can use your accreditation status to build your employer brand and showcase to stakeholders that you are taking steps to enhance your employee experience when it comes to technology, mental health and productivity. 

Does your business have what it takes?

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what are people saying

We truly believe in the benefits of techtimeout, but don’t just take our word for it.

Amy Bould

"We’re in the PR & communications business. In today’s digital world that means we inevitably spend a lot of time on tech. The health and well-being of our team is paramount. They know they can take a break, go for a walk, take time out any time of the day but we know all companies aren’t like us. That’s why techtimeout is such a fantastic initiative – by encouraging leaders to engage with staff on the issue of mental health and wellness it has put the issue on the national business agenda."

Amy Bould

Be Bold Media

Helen Rawnsey

"It's very easy for the act of making time away from the screen to slip down the priority list, so the techtimeout campaign came at a great time in a year where the divide between work and home life has got increasingly blurry. It was great to intentionally get out for a walk at lunchtime and leave my phone at home, and I noticed how much more recharged I felt for the rest of the day. This is definitely something that I would like to keep up!"

Helen Rawnsey

Birmingham St Marys Hospice

Kerry Mitchell

"Working from home can be all tech consuming, with having no colleagues to chat to in the break out area I feel I have been taking my phone to my kitchen to tweet, or send a quick message.

techtimeout enabled me to be more disciplined and encouraged me to step away from everything tech-related. I felt more refreshed for having a break. A really good self-care tool I will be applying to my working day! "

Kerry Mitchell

Wellbeing Manager, Paycare

Chris Howey

"In a world where a phone, tablet, computer, games consoles and all the other screens we see daily are prolific, it’s important to step back and appreciate that they're only machines. The initiative by techtimeout was an important idea to me to ensure I help my daughter grow up with a healthy relationship with technology, not just being glued to the thing like I find myself far too often."

Chris Howey


Cllr. Graham Breeze

"The majority of our employees are being forced to work remotely due to the Coronavirus Pandemic and are more reliant than ever on using technology to stay in touch. Their wellbeing is of great concern to us. We encouraged our staff to take 10 minutes away from their laptops, to go for a lunchtime walk, or a walk before or after work as part of techtimeout tuesday."

Cllr. Graham Breeze

Powys County Council


"The techtimeout10 challenge made a huge difference to the team. We all made the effort to turn off and go outside or do something we loved, and we shared what we were doing with each other - everyone had smiles on their faces and it was great for me as a manager to know that my staff were taking some time out for themselves and stepping away from their screens"

Rhea Alton

Managing Director, J&PR

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It doesn't take much research to realise that we could all benefit from a healthier relationship with tech.

If you'd like to find out more about our workshops, resources, or share your thoughts on technology use at home and in the workplace, then get in touch today.

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