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techtimeout tuesday!

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Thank you for signing up to #techtimeouttuesday and welcome to our largest campaign yet!

We can't wait to have you with us this year as we go even bigger and better than the last! This November 30th companies and individuals from all over the country will be taking part in #techtimeouttuesday, including you!

We believe tech burnout to be a real problem, and with Black Friday and Cyber Monday quickly approaching, it is important that we realise when to step back. Our goal this year is to spread even more awareness of our message, and tell people how it works.

techtimeout tuesday

why techtimeout tuesday?

This year techtimeout tuesday is back, battling digital burnout and spreading awareness of our message. Last year, we had over 350 businesses take part, from law firms such as ‘fbc manby bowdler’ to cancer funds such as ‘Lingen Davies’ and had them entrust us to be the leading force that helps them improve their relationships with technology!

mental health
mental health

Taking regular breaks from your screens can help to manage feelings of anxiety and depression.



A healthy relationship with technology can help you avoid digital distraction and work more productively.

at work
in the workplace

Healthy boundaries are essential for managing multiple avenues of communication, endless notifications and an overflowing email inbox.

at home
at home

Has your work/life balance become blurred? Healthy habits and boundaries can benefit your life at work and at home.

what to do now...

step 1 before the day

before the day...

Decide how much time you're going to spend away from technology - it could be 10 minutes, 1 hour or even the whole day.

Share your pledge far and wide to ncourage your colleagues, friends and family to do the same.

step 2 - on the day

on the day...

Take your techtimeout at any point during the day. Upload the image (our logo on the green blob) to your social media feeds and use '#techtimeouttuesday' to let everyone know you're taking a break from your screens.

By promoting your participation, you will be encouraging others to join the conversation and access the tips, support and resources they need to support their wellbeing and productivity. 

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step 3 - after the day

... after the day

Keep an eye on the take a minute section of our website for tips and resources.

Join our community, encourage your workplace to take on the techtimeout10 challenge or simply share our message with more people to continue supporting us in our mission. We're enabling people all over the world to have healthy relationships with their screens. 

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so, you're taking part in techtimeout tuesday 2021?

We are grateful for your pledged time and we look forward to having you on board with us this year as we strive to change the world with our message of techtimeout! Why don’t you share that you are taking part this year with your friends and family? Encourage them to pledge their time as well and together we can make a real difference!

here are some of the businesses that took part last year!

are you ready for techtimeout?

It doesn't take much research to realise that we could all benefit from a healthier relationship with tech.

If you'd like to find out more about our what we do, or share your thoughts on technology use at home and in the workplace, get in touch today.

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