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techtimeout digital wellbeing champion

digital wellbeing training

for mental health first aiders or nominated digital wellbeing champions

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why companies train their teams

raise awareness of how technology can impact mental health and productivity

With employees spending most of their time looking at screens, it's an employers responsibility to support their teams to manage the impact. The first step is raising awareness of digital wellbeing. The training highlights the benefits of taking regular breaks from screens. Your digital wellbeing champions can then become advocates for healthier tech habits. 

This is an incredibly important and needed service. Businesses need to prepare now for the adverse impact of the digital overload their employees have been and will continue to experience.

The guidance that techtimeout provides makes it easy for businesses to put the right support in place for employees.

The Mental Health Service

Lisa Williams BSc (hons) and DClinPsy
Lead Clinical Psychologist, The Mental Health Service

the missing piece of a complex issue impacting businesses

Many employees are noticing signs of burnout, deteriorating mental health and a blurred work/life boundaries but how do businesses help employees find this balance in a world of 24/7 digital connection? Upskill your Mental Health First Aiders or nominated Digital Wellbeing Champions to support employees notice the signs and take action.

"It’s extremely important to encourage staff to take time away from technology, especially those working from home and we are setting daily puzzles and sharing time out ideas"

Biscoes Solicitors

Alison Lee

Managing Director, Biscoes Solicitors

Lee Alison

a healthier, more productive workforce

Once your employees have completed their training, they will be armed with the tools and resources to encourage their colleagues to improve how they handle digital distractions and work effectively in a world of 24/7 connection - these two factors that can positively influence productivity. 

"I find my phone and social media to be so addictive. You find you fall down the wormhole of "just 5 more minutes" and before you know it you have wasted so much time. I really enjoyed it and found there was much more to see and do without my phone."


April 2021 Participant


find out how your employees feel about tech/life balance and screen-time

Your trained Digital Wellbeing Champions become the points of contact within your business and can seek to understand the influence that technology could be having within your business. Further insight can be gained by completing the techtimeout10 challenge and corresponding employee impact survey.

"It was good to get time away from my phone. Staring at a screen all day with work and then the rest of my day staring at my phone was becoming an issue. It was lovely to have an excuse to take a walk or pick up an actual real book"

May 2021 techtimeout10 challenge participant

Law firm based in the East-Midlands

share your status to benefit recruitment

Businesses like yours can highlight that you have trained individuals to support with digital wellbeing. This shows potential candidates that the health and wellbeing of your teams is something you take seriously. In a competitive jobs market, your employer brand is important. When you complete the techtimeout10 challenge or digital wellbeing training, we give you logos to use across your social media channels and website. 

“Technology is playing a pivotal role in keeping us connected and working efficiently but there's increasing evidence showing that overuse of technology can have a negative impact on productivity and mental health.

techtimeout have the tools and know-how to help mitigate this issue so we’re pleased to have them on board as a preferred supplier"


Helen Hamilton-Shaw

Member Engagement & Strategy Director, LawNet

Helen Hamilton-Shaw

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how it works

who should receive digital wellbeing training?

Digital wellbeing is the impact that technology has on mental, physical and emotional health. Technology is a huge part of all of our lives. Up-skill your Mental Health First Aiders to support the newest challenge to employee wellbeing.

Our digital wellbeing training complements Mental Health First Aid training and gives individuals the skills to support your teams with their digital wellbeing.

We advise training your Mental Health First Aiders as they already have an understanding of how to support employee mental health. Alternatively, you can nominate separate Digital Wellbeing Champions. 

Businesses we work with typically have Mental Health First Aid trained individuals across a range of departments at employee, manager and board-level. Although this isn't essential, representation across various parts of the business can help individuals within your business feel supported. 

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simple concept, powerful benefits

delivering digital wellbeing to your business

what's included in our digital wellbeing training?

Our Aware, Consider and Empower (ACE) model underpins the training to provide a strong awareness of digital wellbeing, why it's important as well as offering proven tools and techniques to consider and recommend for team members within your business.

These tools and techniques help empower employees to set boundaries with clients and colleagues (while aligned with business objectives), work more productively in a world of digital distractions and use technology and social media in an effective way.

The course includes an 1hr 45min interactive webinar with a comprehensive guide and resource pack. Attendees will also have access to our community for best practice and updates, a techtimeout challenge bag and a certificate and logo to share their digital wellbeing status.

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to train your digital wellbeing champions


identify the individuals that you would like to train within your business


sign up (as an individual or group) to the monthly training date that suits you


receive the supporting training pack and attend the webinar to receive your new certification

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upcoming training events

digital wellbeing training event 1

august training

25th Aug 2022

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digital wellbeing training event 2

september training

29th Sep 2022

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digital wellbeing training event 3

october training

27th Oct 2022

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digital wellbeing training event 4

november training

24th Nov 2022

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december training

15th Dec 2022

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frequently asked questions

You can book on the next available date on our website. Alternatively, you can contact us directly and we can answer any questions and get you or your team members booked in. 

For large group bookings or bespoke training, please contact us directly.

Digital wellbeing is how technology impacts mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Employees spend most of their time on screens. Forward-thinking workplaces are supporting employees with their digital wellbeing to support them to work healthily and productively. 

24/7 connection and endless notifications can mean that employees can find it difficult to switch off and get satisfactory downtime. We're here to help employees recognise the impact that tech can have while educating on boundaries, managing digital distractions and healthy technology and social media use.

Think of digital wellbeing as the missing piece in your health and wellbeing strategy. Technology impacts mental, physical and emotional health so by promoting healthier tech habits you can help to reduce burnout, stress levels and overwhelm while encouraging team members to step away from screens.

Taking time out from screens can quite often encourage people to move more, prioritise in person connection and become more aware of their mental health. Based on this, we can see an impact on mental, physical and emotional health.

Mental Health First Aid (MHFA) training typically helps your team members identify, understand and help someone who may be experiencing a mental health issue. The MHFA's in your business can play a crucial role in starting conversations with team members. 

As technology is seen to influence mental health, we believe digital wellbeing training aids this knowledge. Think of it as continual development to increase the tools and support that your Mental Health First Aiders can provide to employees.  

We find that the average business has 1 Mental Health First Aider to every 10 employees. In an ideal world, these individuals should represent different areas of your business.

Having representation across different departments and levels of your business can ensure that all of your team members feel that there is someone for them to approach should they need to talk about their mental health. 

This is one of the reasons why we find that Mental Health First Aiders are the best people to do our Digital Wellbeing Training. However, if it's better for your business you can nominate others to do the course instead and champion healthier tech habits in your business. 

Yes, of course. We would definitely recommend doing both. 

There's the option of doing the techtimeout10 challenge first to understand the impact of technology in your business. This can help you identify whether additional training and support is needed. 

If you would like to do the training first, you can use the techtimeout10 challenge as a way to announce the 'digital wellbeing champions' in your business. This can help to start conversations about technology use and digital wellbeing. 

It really is up to you!

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let's get started!

Lead the way and begin to tackle digital distractions and overwhelm in your business. 

A healthy relationship with technology can benefit employees at home and in the workplace. 

Together, we can make healthier relationships with technology the norm and create happier and healthier teams.

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let's get started!

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