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why it's time to techtimeout

the science

the average time spent on tech daily
the number of times we pick up our phones daily

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too much tech negatively impacts wellbeing, productivity and focus

  Our Mission


enabling you, your family and your workplace to have a healthier relationship with tech

Let’s get one thing straight here... we aren’t anti-tech. We love the ways that tech can connect us, inspire us and push us forward. But, we also know that you can have too much of a good thing, and people are becoming more and more addicted to tech. This can have a negative impact on productivity, mental health, and relationships.

Our workplace programmes, tools and resources help workplaces and individuals to create a healthy relationship with tech.


increase productivity


improve wellbeing

Relationship with tech

have a healthier relationship with tech


how it works...

We are more connected than ever.
Being connected 24/7 isn't healthy.
We're addicted.
We can help.


workplace programmes

boost productivity, employee wellbeing and improve your relationship with tech in your workplace with a techtimeout programme.

For employers


productivity & wellbeing tools

use our tried and tested productivity and wellbeing tools to take a techtimeout to improve your physical and mental wellbeing.

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working from home

working from home

training tips and resources to help you maximise productivity and find work/life balance away from your screens.

For employees


what are people saying

We truly believe in the benefits of techtimeout, but don’t just take our word for it.

Andy Lawrence

"The concept of being addicted to technology isn't something I'd particularly thought about previously. We all use tech in the office and we have innovated utilising technology across the business which has pushed us ahead of the curve for years. However techtimeout has given us a new appreciation of some of the negative impacts of technologies and how we can adapt our practices to be more mindful of these adverse effects."

Andy Lawrence

Managing Director, National Hometyre Group


"The concept of techtimeout and the support around it has helped my team enjoy a healthier relationship with technology. In particular I’ve found our meetings are now more focused and more productive"

Neil Lloyd

Managing Director, FBC Manby Bowdler

Lisa Williams

"We spend too much time living through technology rather than connecting in real life. It's lazy and it distracts you from fully experiencing what is happening in that moment. And none of that is good for our mental health."

Lisa Williams

Lead Clinical Psychologist

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